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Welcome to our website
In this website, you can find our working information since the Studio was established, throughout our current achievements. All of our achievements can be found in
all Film room. You will see the improvement of pink 5-leg little dog is running, its now more than 90 films which have been processed by the mentation of our creative, the conducting of director, and art of Art Director for both senior and junior more than 2 generations. Please do not forget to follow our next animation.

Dogfilm Studio ยินดีอย่างยิ
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Mr. Dissapong WongAram    


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The list of TV Shows that make a movie of us
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Art and illustration by DogfilmStudio ӡûѺ
ا ͨṡǴ ͹µ͡Ҷ֧Ѻ  Update ˹ѧ ӹǹҡ has been renovated to classify the animation to be easier for reaching and watching. We have updated many new films and hoping all the fans and our followers will like it and please tell your friends about us. At the end we would like to thank you for all the emails which give us comments and supports. We promised that
we will create this kind of excellent works for you
in the future.


" ͧҡҡ " ҡ

ش ; ) Dogfilm

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